miaoudeminou (miaoudeminou) wrote in bad_service,

I know you're a lawyer but pick up your phone!

I was injured at work and had to talk to my work's lawyer (to finish things up and make sure they were legally responsible to pay for my medical bills). To explain I was lifting 24pks of pop along with other heavy items and as I was putting a light bag into a customer's cart, I twisted wrong and strained my back (customer's like to lift heavy items onto the belt even though they don't have to and expect me to lift it for them; I have now learned and have them lift it for me). I knew something was wrong and they sent me on my break (thinking it was temporary). Well at the end of my 15 min. break I was still in pain and asked to file an accident report. I was also offered a doctor's visit because of how severe the pain was. I went to the doctor and that was fine. I even got things settled with their worker's comp. company. Now flash forward to the end of my healing (mid-end July) and I've been calling a few times to get a hold of the lawyer. The lawyer is NEVER in. She does not answer her phone, I keep getting her answering machine AND leave messages. Within a week I called her about 20+ times (anywhere from 8am to 4pm). I get a letter in the mail saying that they're going to cancel paying for my medical bills thus I'd have to pay for visiting the doctor if I didn't get a hold of her by Aug. 11th . This isn't flying as I don't have the money. I try calling her [what seemed like a million times to me] and still didn't get a hold of her. This was back around the end of July and I was finally able to reach her August 13th. I just don't get why I was given a time frame and yet she wouldn't pick up her phone.

PS: I resolved it by talking to my HR guy and he said as long as I left messages all was well and I ended up smoothing things out with her.
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