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These are from work - bad service from one of our contractors. Just for a bit of background, I work in hospital security. We have devices called card readers set up at a lot of doors throughout the hospital. Every employee has a badge with an access card - the access cards get programmed for what doors an employee is allowed access through, and the readers at these doors are what an employee hold their ID up to in order to get through.

We've been having a problem with one of the medication room card readers for the past week. To make things even worse, it was the med room in the psych unit. I called our installers and told them that there was a problem with the reader and they said they'd get someone over.

One of the guys comes in and checks something in the computer before deciding that we're having a problem with the panel. He reboots the panel as says we should be fine in about an hour. 3 hours later, the reader was called in again for emergency (after-hours) service. They come out and supposedly fix it again.

I come in the next morning to...another complaint of the card reader not working. I call it in for service again. They come in the morning, it works for a couple of hours, and then stops working again. I call the company back and tell them that we're still having the same problem and that I think the card reader is bad. The tech comes in, checks things out, and says that I must've changed something in the system because the reader is fine. He gets it working again, I leave.

That was Thursday afternoon. I went back to work this morning (Sunday) and found out that the device was called in AGAIN on Thursday night and on Friday morning. They had to call for it again Friday night, and it was finally fixed for real on Saturday afternoon. You know what was wrong?

There was a problem with the card reader. Just like I'd said on Thursday, when they told me that no, I must have screwed it up.

And while I'm posting about this company anyway - it also really pisses me off when I call at 8:05, 8:12, 8:17, 8:25 on a weekday morning to get a voicemail message saying "Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am til 5 pm." ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE!!!

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