Tiff (tiffuchan) wrote in bad_service,

Bad restaurant service

So the husband and I were out shopping, taking advantage of Texas's tax-free weekend, and we decided to get some Japanese food for lunch. We stopped at a new Hibachi & Sushi bar.

We walked in, and the hostess asked if we wanted hibachi or sushi. We were a bit confused, because we had no idea what the menu was like. We figured that it was one or the other, so we said hibachi, since hubby doesn't like sushi. They sat us at a hibachi grill with another couple, and we were handed menus. Upon looking at the menus, we realized that they had other items on the menu, such as noodle dishes and such...so hubby and I decided to order Yakisoba (noodle dish) with sushi on the side for me.

The waiter came back, and upon taking our order, paused.
(Waiter)...so you aren't getting anything from the hibachi?
(Me) Well...we didn't know there were other things, so no. We can move if you'd like =D
(Waiter) Oh..it's okay.
(Me) Are you sure? We don't mind.
(Waiter) No, it's cool. *walks off*

So all is good, we thought. We sat for a while, and suddenly a young lady came over.
(Lady) I'm sorry, but you can only sit here if you're having hibachi. We have to move you.
(Me and Hubby) *shrug* Okay-
(Hostess/Manager) *runs over* Oh, no, they can sit here JUST THIS TIME...but next time, they have to sit somewhere else.
(Lady) *looks confused*
(Me) *ditto* Uh...Really, we can move if you need us to.
(Hostess/Manager) NO NO, IT'S FINE =D =D

Okay, so now we're mildly annoyed, but no biggie. We then begin to notice that our waiter is COMPLETELY ignoring us. He walks by us and helps others, but not us. Then, when our food arrives, he has completely forgotten my husband's side of rice. We finish our meal without him showing up even once, until he brings the bill.

...The side of rice is on the bill. Husband walks up to the hostess/manager, and she takes the bill from him.

About 15 minutes later...

(Waiter) *thrusts bill at husband* Here you go. *walks away*
(Husband) ....

No "sorry about that" or anything. Just...dropped the bill and walked off.

We have never been to a place and not left a tip, but this time, we did. We were ignored, and we have a feeling it was all because we apparently took up precious hibachi space DESPITE offering to move THREE TIMES. We will never go back.
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