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This is half bad_service and half awesome_service, just to show you I haven't lost my faith in humanity completely... yet.

So, we'd switched from T-Mobile to Cingular a while back- right before they were bought by AT&T, if I recall correctly- as it was more cost-effective at the time. All went well the first year and a half (besides some mysterious charges for data I certainly was not putting on the phone), but then we moved to another part of town and our phones suddenly quit working. As in, dropping calls randomly and getting no network coverage for extended periods of time. So we called AT&T, they told us we had "great network coverage" in our area and that we should try taking the battery out of the phones and putting it back in to see if that helped (wtf?), which it did not but since termination fees usually run at about 200 dollars, we just dealt with it.

About a week ago my dad's phone quit working altogether, so he took mine and called AT&T about cancelling again. This time they told us the coverage for our area was "moderate" and that really, there shouldn't be a problem. Ok, that's nice and all, but there is a problem and saying there isn't won't make it go away- we've tried. (As an aside here, it's definitely not just our phones that are the problem, nobody who has AT&T gets more than two bars around here at best.) After an hour-long conversation they agreed to cancel sans the fee. My dad thought to record this so he can play it back when they inevitably deny that they'd agreed to do so.

It would appear as of today that they cancelled his line... but not mine? Wtf, are they serious? They had no problem shutting both off right away when we were a little late with the bill last month.

On to the awesome, though.
My dad switched back to T-Mobile (and decided not to put me back on the plan), so yesterday my dad's girlfriend went to go change her service as well, and the lady who helped us out was just lovely, she answered all our questions- and there were many- and then even seemed happy that we'd returned later that day (said girlfriend talked dad into getting me a phone, I owe her) and though she messed up entering some of the stuff she was very apologetic and fixed it right away, all the while chatting with us while we waited. She was super sweet and helpful, which completely rocked.
I might add that I get full bars here now.

tl;dr: T-Mobile rules, AT&T drools.
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