Midnight Silver (reijigin) wrote in bad_service,
Midnight Silver

Who DOES that?

My boyfriend and I went to a B&N so he could look for a book, and after we found it we decided to go to the cafe to get something yummy to drink. We got in line behind three groups of friends, and a few minutes later some lady gets in line behind us. There are two guys working and, in an effort to speed things up, the guy making the drinks starts asking what people want before they get to the cash register. So after he finishes the order of one group, he asks the group behind them what they wants as the first group is still paying at the register with the other guy. Make sense?

So the group in front of us tells him their order, then a moment later moves up to the cash. He works on the drinks for a sec, peeks out and looks at the line, works on drinks, looks at the line, back and forth a few times. Then he waves at the lady behind my boyfriend and me and asks her what she wants, and to top it off she gives him her order without looking at us.

I say to my boyfriend, "So do you feel like going someplace else? Because I suddenly feel like going somewhere else." We went and paid for the book and left for a Starbucks down the street.

My guy thinks that he was trying to get our attention by peeking around the machines at everyone, but he wasn't trying to catch my eye or anything (I was watching him make the damn drinks, FFS, I would've noticed). I don't think he could've thought we were part of the group in front of us because it was a gaggle of tween girls with a mom, and I don't think he could've thought we were with the lady behind us because she was clearly with another group that was already sitting down. Not to mention that we're lazy looking college students and she was a 30-something businesslady with her co-workers.

Partially I want to complain, but mostly I keep thinking that it must have been an accident because... Why the hell would he intentionally skip one of the groups in line? I mean really? I didn't say anything to the guy 'cause I know I would've ended up saying something nasty and then felt bad about it later-- it was not a good end to an already shitty day.

++Eh, okay, this is an overreaction. It just REALLY got under my skin for some reason (bad day?). I still think it was annoying service, but not enough to be worth complaining about. I realized how silly this complaint was just a little while ago when I went out to dinner and got what was seriously some of the worst service I've ever had. I actually saw the waitress get scolded as we were leaving O_O; So... This suddenly seems pretty stupid. Nevermind me.

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