Lechery or Silver (originalwacky) wrote in bad_service,
Lechery or Silver

Update on MasterCuts

Sooo, I sent this letter, more or less (I edited a little bit from here, to not include the crying so much and to convey instead my deep disappointment).  http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/1814322.html

It's basically a form letter, and this is what it says:
"I am sorry to hear about your recent service at our MasterCuts. I Apologize that our service did not meet your expectations. This situation you experienced is not typical and does not meet our standards of service.

I would like to assure you that we take pride in the services we provide and are confident in out ability to exceed your expectations int he future. Toward that end, I have enclosed a Gift Card in the amount of $25. This will enable you to choose another of our services with our compliments. For a complete list of Regis salons and stores near you, please visit our website, www.regiscorpgiftcards.com.
(*Insert list of salons etc here too*)
Please know that we value you as a customer and thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you.

Rosie Hermanson
Customer Service Representative
Regis Corporation"

Soo, yeah, I won't spend MY money at MasterCuts, BUT I do like to buy nail polish at Trade Secret, so I used it there.

And, I did find out from more than one stylist that it's NOT in any way illegal to style/cut/otherwise treat a person with a HEREDITARY skin condition.  I found a local salon where the owner has mild psoriasis, got a lovely cut, and am scheduled for a perm next week.

TL;DR MasterCuts stylist a jerk, sent complaint letter, they sent back a form letter with a $25 gift certificate.

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