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Burger King Suck

Burger King is my favorite of the fast food options in the area, so when I'm out and about and looking to treat myself, it's inevitably where I head.

I and two friends were out spending the day shopping, sight seeing, etc. We needed some caffeine, and were relatively close to a Burger King - not the one I usually go to, which always has excellent service - and we pull into the drive through to get three of their mocha drinks. We order, pay, get our drinks, no problem.

I take a sip of mine and...gag. It's stale, bitter coffee that tastes like it was squeezed from ground dregs. Not delicious creamy chocolate and coffee.

All three were the same. So we pull into a parking space and pop inside, figuring we can just get them exchanged, no big deal.

There's no one at the counter. No one at all. We stand there for a few minutes until a teenage girl eventually wanders up, looks at us and just goes 'yeah? What do you want?'.

I explain we had ordered mocha BK Joes, and that these seemed to be just coffee. The woman just sort of looks at us, and looks at the drinks on the counter and asks 'so? What do you want me to do about it? It's coffee, right?'.

We all kind of look at each other, not sure how to proceed. My friend pipes up with 'well, we' what we ordered? Mochas, not...regular coffee?'.

We're asked what's the problem with our drinks, again, and by now there's a line forming behind us. Since I don't think this is going to get us somewhere, I just ask 'maybe we could slide down the counter to get out of your way and talk to a manager about this?'. The teenager rolls her eyes, wanders in back and leaves us and the line, and after maybe five minutes an older woman and a teenage guy come up front, and original teen goes back to the register.

Teenage guy and older woman ask us if everything's okay, and we explain once more what our problem is. The two exchange a Look and the older woman just rolls her eyes, throws up her hands and asks the guy 'is you-know-who in charge of the machines again?'. He nods, goes back to what I assume is the drink machine, pours one, takes a drink, and proceeds to gag. He agrees that's nasty, it's stale and old and, and he'll see what he can do to fix the problem.

The older woman - who we assume is the manager - explains that apparently, somehow, no one bothered to a) put chocolate in the machine, or b) clean it out since yesterday. Now, it's 2 PM. We kind of just look at each other again, all rather 'O.o','t someone have done that? Or checked? Or...something? Were we really the first people to order mochas here since the day before? She also explains that this has happened pretty often, it's one of their employees, he never remembers to get the mocha thing set properly.


By now we can hear and see Teenage Guy yelling at someone, and we're getting a little uncomfortable. Especially because he keeps pointing at us. Register Girl starts yelling back at them both to 'shut the hell up', and Manager's just standing there sort of rolling her eyes. And I know we all look obviously uncomfortable, but we keep trying to smile and nod, though I'm sure we looked more like we were grimacing. We just wanted fresh drinks! The Manager's just standing there, staring off into space while all this is going on.

Finally, after lots of yelling and loud banging noises, Teenage Guy brings us drinks, asks us to taste them to see if they're good. I reluctantly try one because...well, I really don't know how much I trust this place at this point. But after all this trouble....

Luckily, they taste fine, exactly how they're supposed to be. We thank Teenage Guy profusely. Yay, we have our drinks! Manager finally seems to come out of whatever world she was off in and blinks at us and asks ' you want a refund or something? I don't really know what we do when this stuff happens. But if you do, you have to wait. I think. I have to call somebody about this.'

I wasn't expecting a refund anyway, and none of us wanted to wait, so we declined politely and got the hell out of there.

I did call corporate, but...nothing really came of it, other than some sort of assurances about sending a 'training manager' or something.

I'm never straying from my regular BK again!
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