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I have a DOOZY of a bad_service tale for you all, from a restaurant my friends and I frequent.

EDIT: Since you asked, this happened at Jack Astors on Front Street by Union Station, in TORONTO ONTARIO, Canada.

This is the first time anything like this has ever happened to us there, but it was SO RIDICULOUS that we have decided to not only never return, but to tell EVERYONE we know to do the same.

Since an actual description would be tl:dr, I'll list the things that were done wrong.

- We arrived and were told our reservation for 12, that we made a month early, had been changed without informing us, in order to make room for a last minute reservation for the local professional football team.
- We were told that our reservation was still intact, and that if we wanted to cancel and go somewhere else, we'd be charged a fee, so we would have to take the table they switched us to, which was a table for six, that we'd have to WAIT for.
- They refused to bring us more then two extra chairs, so we had to squish together so that sitting was ridiculously uncomfortable.
- Waiter brushed us off angrily when we asked for water. Took an hour to bring us any, and got annoyed when we asked for refills.
- Friend got sick and had to leave early, gave money for her bill to a waitress, who pocketed it. We didn't find this out until later when we got our bills and were told her money never entered the system, the waitress had gone home, and that we were expected to pay her bill.
- Manager came to our table and told us that aforementioned football team wanted another table, and that she "needed us to get out right away".
- Manager became annoyed when we explained that we were still planning to finish our meal, and told us that it wasn't her problem.
- When she finally agreed to move us to the bar, gave us a table for 8, so people still had to stand.
- Even though we were moved, NO ONE occupied the table they made us vacate for another hour after we made the switch.
- New waitress we were assigned in the bar insisted on SEEING OUR MONEY before we ordered because the manager thought we were planning to skip out on our bill.
- When we DID order, waitress brought us the wrong drinks and then insisted they were what we had wanted, and told us that we HAD to buy them now that they were made.
- Waitress brought table next to us wrong drinks four times, each time insisting that they were correct when they clearly were not(wine was ordered, she brought rum and cokes).
- Waitress brought us wrong bills twice, each time charging us for expensive food we did not order.
- Waitress refused to let us complain to the manager, saying she "didn't have time for our crap."
- When we DID find the manager to complain, she told us again that it wasn't her problem.

And that, my dears, is why we will not only NOT be returning there, but are telling everyone we know to do the same.

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