Neva Toad (mice) wrote in bad_service,
Neva Toad

Retail experience

Recently, I had bought a lot of clothes at a clothing store found at most malls. I had friends with me to check out my ass in a pair of jeans and give a yay or nay. I tried them on and got a yay and added them to my purchase. The jeans were a buy one, get one half off. I also had a $50 off any $150 purchase, which I also used.

I put on my jeans the next morning and go to breakfast. I notice that they went from comfortably snug to huge. The jeans are falling off, so as soon as I get home, I take them off. I figure I'll see if I can return them - if not, I'll sell them on eBay. I worked retail for three years, I know the stance on "previously loved" clothes.

I go in later that week and explain what happened and I say, "I understand if you can't take them back."

That's when it got bad. I really would have preferred it if they would have said, "Sorry, we can't," I left, and re-sold them.

Instead, the saleslady left me without telling me where she was going. The manager came up to me and asked what was up, and I told her my situation - all of it - and said that I should go on the floor and look for something to replace it. I thank her profusely.

I am looking at a jacket I fancy when I see my saleswoman. Who informs me that they don't have a size smaller in the jeans I brought in so I need to find another pair.

I ask her if I can get a jacket instead.

She says, "No. We shouldn't even be doing this - we are doing you a favor. Your jeans have obviously been worn and we have to mark them as defective."

She says this as she figured this out all on her own, despite the fact that the third sentence out of my mouth was, "I wore these for a few hours."

She ends with, "And I strongly suggest you try your jeans on this time."

I go to look for jeans. I find a pair I deem myself "okay" in that are the same price as the others and bring them up. As my saleslady is ringing me up, she's talking about how she likes being up front better than doing stock. The only time she talks to me is to say, "And you're sure they fit?"

Then she says, "$22.49."

"I shouldn't be getting any money back..." I explain. Because I shouldn't. If I leave and she realizes what happened, that's not going to be good for her. And even though I've pictured her en flambe'd so many times before this evening, when you make that sort of mistake, managers are not too happy.

Then she clarifies. "I know, that's how much you owe."

I explain to her gently that the jeans are the same price as the other ones I bought.

She replies that I had a coupon, and that's why I'm paying more.

I tell her that 1) my coupon isn't expired and 2) the sale on jeans is still going on. I leave out 3) even if the coupon wasn't expired and the sale was no longer valid, when a customer brings in an item to return/exchange, they don't pay the difference because one of the aforementioned reasons are now void/over. It's been a while since I worked retail, but I remember that quite well.

She tells me I'm wrong.

I ask to see the manager.

The manager talks to her and my saleslady finally brightens. "Huh. Learned something new today - so I guess we both got something!"

In the end...I'm very surprised they took back my jeans. And I'm very surprised I didn't tell her to eat hot, fiery death.

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