Gamerboi (gaymerboi) wrote in bad_service,

Post Office suck & seller lies outright

So, my company is really cool, and every few months I win a $50 gift certificate from, and I always get them for But probably not anymore.

I ordered a bunch of things from different sellers.

On to the problems!

1) Most of what I ordered was books, but I also ordered a very expensive TV Season on DVD by saving up two of my Gift Certs. When I go to order it I see that I can get it for only $40, still shrinkwraped, from an seller. I order it, the seller does Delivery confirmation on the item, and all is good.... except that on Saturday I checked to see the status, and see the post office 'Confirmed Delivery' of the DVD set on Friday. I live in a condo, and the mailboxes are quite large and LOCKED, and I'm the only one with a key to it. A padded envelope with a DVD set should have fit in their easily, yet it wasn't in my box, and nothing was on the porch in front of the apartment.

Monday I called the PO, and they tracked down the driver who delivered that day (we don't have a standard delivery driver on our route), and she claims she 'put it in my box'. WTF!? NO YOU DID NOT! I contacted the Amazon seller, and they said that since the delivery was confirmed there is nothing they can do. I also verified the address they sent it to, and they had the right address and apartment number

I suspect the driver put it in a neighbors box, but my neighbors are all druggies and assholes, and I suspect they have by now sold or returned the shrinkwrapped DVD set to the Best Buy near my house. :(

2) I ordered a book on from a seller, ComicsNow!, on July 21st. I just barely got the book yesterday. When I emailed them last week about how long it was taking they said they had mailed it on the 23rd of July by Media mail, and it was just taking a while to get there. Ok, that is cool. Except when I got the package yesterday it was in a PRIORITY MAIL ENVELOPE and hadn't been mailed until August 11th.

Alright I'm fine with you mailing it late, but I am not OK with you LYING to my face about when you mailed it!

tl/tr: Post office 'delivery confirmed' a package it never delivered.... and claims its my fault I never got the package! seller ComicsNow! lies outright about the shipment of the book I bought from them.
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