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 This is really old bad service, but by far the most ridiculous I've dealt with.  I just remembered it the other day.

So me and a friend had gone to a late movie.  I totally forgot the name of the movie, but I really enjoyed it.  It was pretty crowded for such a late movie, I remember that too.  So everything's cool and I'm sitting there eating my popcorn, and right before the movie's climax, the screen went black.


Everybody's sitting in the dark wondering what the hell just happened.  After a few minutes, the lights came up, and everybody's still confused, because the movie didn't end, we were in the middle of it.  My friend and I are wondering if we should leave or not, but then the manager walks in and announces they had an issue with the reel, but if everybody just sat tight, they would have it fixed and back on in ten minutes, tops.  That's cool, no big deal.  Everybody sits back down and waits.

Ten minutes come and go. Twenty minutes come and go.  Forty minutes come and go.  Still nothing.  A man had ventured out in the lobby to find the manager or an employee and ask what was up, but this was the last movie of the night, so all of the employees had gone home, and the whole theater was shut down.  People are wondering if they should go home, but I for one paid to see a whole movie, and am going to sit there until I see the rest of the movie.  Besides, I wanted to find out what happened!  Everybody else agrees, so nobody left.  We all just sat around and waited.
An hour and ten minutes pass.  It's now almost one in the morning, and we're still waiting.  Haven't heard squat from the manager or anything.  People are starting to get pissed.  I'm starting to get pissed, partly because I ran out of popcorn twenty minutes ago and I can't get a refill.  My friend wants to go home.  I tell her hell no, I'm going to wait and tell the manager about himself.  My mom keeps texting and calling me wondering where I am.  Everybody's going a little stir crazy sitting in that theater and staring at a blank screen.  But still, we wait.

Finally, at exactly 1:48 AM, the manager came back into the theater and proceeded to kick everybody out of the theater without another word.  People were trying to cuss him out, but all he was worried about herding us out of there as fast as possible.  I was sooo mad, because he didn't anything about the movie.  He walked in, looked surprised that we were still there, and basically told us to GTFO. 

And  conveniently whenever I watch that movie, I always fall asleep, turn my head, or get a phone call right at that part.  EVERY TIME.


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