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I was just  trying to get a reloadable debit card, and I had to deal with this crap.

Today I went to ACE Cash Express to get my little brother one of those reloadable debit cards.  I pay him to do odd jobs for me, so I thought it would be a better way to pay him since I don’t carry around cash.  He had been asking my mom about getting one for a while too, so I thought it would be a nice thing to do.  So I go to ACE, and the guy tells me a thirteen year old can’t open an account unless someone who is at least eighteen opens one and adds the minor on.  It’s really not a big deal, and plus, I could use the card for emergency situations, so I bought two of them.  The guy told me to just call in, activate mine, then call customer service and tell them I got the two for one deal and I want my brother’s name added on to the account.  I’ve had some bad experiences with these kind of things in the past, so I asked the guy if I would have to get my mom to activate the card for me since I’m not his parent.  The guy said his kids do the same thing and don’t have any problems.

When I got home, I called in and activated my card, then called customer service.  The lady I got was really nice, but my cell phone dropped the call while I was giving her my brother’s information, so I called again.  I got a different lady this time, and when I told her I wanted to put my brother’s name on the account, she told me I couldn’t because there was an issue with my account information.  I asked her what the issue was, and she just says that I need to fax me and my brother’s birth certificate and our social security cards and some other papers to the company.  I asked her why, and she said that since he’s thirteen,  I can’t put him on my account because I’m not his parent or legal guardian and that I need to prove I’m his parent/legal guardian.  WTF?  I told her an employee at ACE told me that this shouldn’t be a problem if I’m related to him, and she just started going on about the company history and their tradition of excellent customer service.  I told her that was all nice, but it has nothing to do with the issue, and that another representative had the transaction almost completed without telling me any of this hoopla, but the call dropped.  She just proceeded to continue where she left off with her little story.

I was seriously irritated at that point and didn’t feel it was necessary to fax them my birth certificate over a $25 reloadable credit card, so I asked the lady if she could just cancel my account.  She then tells me that she recommends that I use up all the money on the card before I cancel.  I told her I’m not interested.  Seriously, why would I pay a $14.95 cancellation fee out of my own pocket when I can just get it credited from the $25 on the card?  She then proceeded to argue with me for 15 minutes because I won’t use up the money on the card first, and that I’m just going to waste my money and she’s just trying to help.  I told whether or not I want to waste my money is none of her business, and she can cancel the account or put me on the phone with her supervisor.  She finally canceled the account after wasting 20 minutes of my life, and also gave me a $2 discount on the cancellation fee for my troubles, so now I’m getting $12.05 in the mail instead of $10.05.  Whoopee.


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