Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Workers Comp thanks...

He works in a distribution warehouse. He was carrying a speaker box (the wood kind with carpeting)when he walked by a fan. The fan blew a bunch of dust out of the speaker box up into his face.

Now...normally not an issue..however, this time there was something in the dust. It was almost an instant reaction. His left eye turned bright red, started swelling, and it hurt like hell.

He grabs the eyewash out of the first aid kit and goes to the office to try and get some help to get it open because he can't see. While one of his co-workers is helping him get his eye rinsed out, another is calling for the supervisor. His supervisor decides to take him to their workers comp doctor because flushing his eye isn't helping him and he feels like there is something in it.

When he gets to the doctor, he's there maybe 20 minutes, that's it. They take him into the back and try to force him to read an eye chart. When he tells them that he can't because he can't see anything, they get irritated with him.

The "doctor" puts dye in his eye, then immediately rinses it out (which makes no sense). She grabs one of those little tools that has the light on the end (the one they look in your ears and mouth with), looks at his eye, tells him she doesn't see anything, asks again why he is there. He explains and she tells him, well I don't see anything, so you shouldn't be here, and sends him on his way. She doesn't give any explanation as to why his eye is swollen so bad or why he's in so much pain if she doesn't see anything wrong.

After all this, he calls me and I take him to our doctor's office where he saw the PAC on duty.

The PAC spends about 30 minutes, just examining his eye to make sure there isn't anything in it or it isn't cut. He was also kind enough to put some numbing drops in the husband's eye so he wouldn't feel anything while he was examining him (which the worker's comp doctor didn't do). He put this neon yellow dye in the husband's eye, then turned off the light and turned on this little blacklight attached to a magnifying glass contraption. You could see everything in his eye. It made every vein stand out (it was kind of creepy).

After doing a few other things and a thorough reaction, he determines that the husband is actually having a mild allergic reaction to something that was in the dust. He gives us a script for some antibiotics and sends us on our way.

So..yay for the PAC (which is also the same guy who helped me out when my douche doctor went on vacation and didn't leave me any I'm actually thinking about seeing the new guy from now on) and boo to the worker's comp people.

Oh..and when the husband went back to work today, his boss got pissy at him because he went for a second opinion. Too bad for him. We're legally entitled to a second opinion.

tl;dr - Workers comp doctor sucks and misses the actual problem...the PAC at our doctor's office comes to the rescue.
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