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Repost from customers_suck

I worked for the summer at a video game store and sometimes things get late and we end up having to go through things trying to find lost games because someone got mixed up.

So me and my Assis. Manager are starving... we both turned down Quizno's next door cuz we were busy and were suffering... so I say we should order a pizza, I'll pay for most of it. We both agree I phone Papa Johns (my fav pizza). After taking my order I pay via credit card (it's easier) and we continue hunting down these games.

An hour passes... we're still there and I call PapaJohns...

Me: Yeah we ordered a pizza an hour ago? (give her phone number we used to order..)

PJE (papa johns employee): We sent out our driver, you didn't answer the door, then he said he tried calling and you didn't reply.

Me: Did you get the right address? We said we were in a video game store in (city name).

PJE: Yep, want us to send him back?

Me: Yes please, sorry about all the mix up (even though I'm not sure how he got mixed up)

~ So another hour passes... we're slaving away and thinking about chowing down on video games or breaking into Quizno's. I snag the phone and call again.

Me: Yeah we ordered a pizza two hours ago, I called an hour ago to make sure everything is okay, and am wondering if you're still mixed up on the address?

PJE: Let me get my manager...

PJM: Can I help you?

(tells story of lacking pizza)

PJM: Sorry about that, I have the driver right here...

(I can hear her yelling at him...)

PJM: Where do you keep going?

Driver: To the house address they gave!

PJM: They're store employees, they're not in a house.

Driver: What store? I was told they were at (our addy) that's in (city name) somewhere and I went to that house and no one answered! It isn't my fault!

PJM: Yes it is, that address is for a store, not for a house...
PJM: Sorry about the mix up the driver seems to be confused.

Me: That's okay, I understand, (I confirm address)

PJM: Alright, we'll try this one more time then we'll refund you.

~10 minutes later driver is knocking on our door, we're in the back sitting down and I stand up. He POUNDS on the glass door. "DID ANYONE HERE ORDER FOOD OR ARE YOU JERKING WITH ME?!" He's rather pissed. I walk to the door, unlock it and step outside to tip him (yes I was planning on it until..)

Driver: You guys need to learn how to order a pizza.

Me: (WTF!) Yeah sorry about the mix-up... I'm not sure how it got confused...

Driver: Don't blame someone else, just do it right the first time.

Me: (no tip for you!) Well thanks for the pizza. *takes COLD pizza*

Driver: Thanks for tip.

Okay, what an A-hole! I was understanding, I put up with having to wait about 2 and 1/2 hours for my pizza, I was going to tip you then you're an a-hole... and then... it continues! Phone rings 5 mins later...

PJM: We were calling to see if you still wanted your pizza? We re-made it for you.

(Ass. Manager answered): We got it already... did we get the wrong one?

PJM: You got it already? That's weird...

Apparently the driver delivered out pizza after being told they were going to remake it (because it was cold) he took the cold one anyway and delivered it. The manager gave us a half refund, we got a HOT pizza and I think the driver got the manager's shoe print branded onto his behind...

I'm sure he'll show up in the shoe to blame us for it :P

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