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Why I won't use Dunkin Donuts drive-through anymore. -.- Not OMG UNFORGIVABLE bad service, but I forgive a lot if people are NICE/POLITE, and these people were NOT.

My mom asked me to run and get her an iced coffee (aka The Drink of Life) from Dunkin Donuts, since she's waiting at home for a repair man to stop by. So, I hop in my car and head through the drive-through.

So I'm used to, when I pull up to a drive-through, having an employee ask me if they can take my order. So I, y'know, know that there's someone THERE and READY FOR ME before I start rambling off what I want.

At the Dunkin Donuts window, though, silence.

Me: *after a minute or two of sitting there, curiously* Hello?
DD worker: Yes what do you want???
Me: *a little taken aback by the tone, but whatevs* Hi, I'll have a large iced coffee with an almond flavor shot, two Splenda and one creamer, please.
DD worker: *interrupting me* Okay, okay, okay! I hear you!
Me: O...kay...

I wait for her to tell me my total/tell me to pull ahead. Silence.

Me: ...hello?
DD worker: Yes what else????
Me: *Now I'm irritated by the demanding tone* That's all, thank you.

I wait again. Silence. No total, no asking me to pull forward, nothing. So, annoyed, I pull forward anyway. Sit for probably two or three minutes, then finally the window opens.

DD worker: 1.19. Here. *shoves drink at me*
Me: *doesn't even bother to say 'thank you' or 'have a nice day!', just takes the drink, pays, and leaves*

And then I go home, and they've gotten the coffee wrong. -.- There's no flavor shot in it. My mom's had enough of their iced coffees to know the flavor difference.

Again, not mind-blowingly bad service, but enough to irritate me, mostly the nasty tone of the worker, as though I was bothering her. (Just a note, the drive-through was definitely open, as the hours are posted outside.)
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