Kimmy (sattyknight) wrote in bad_service,

I work in a grooming salon as a "professional" bather, and more then a hand full of times owners have told me about a certain vet in the area. My coworker has also mentioned this vet as well.

If you to get your pet a quick shot, then that's fine. But actually letting this vet
do any surgerical procedure is probably not the best of ideas. He has told many of his patients after doing neutering/spaying procedures that the staples or stitches are disolvable. I am aware that they exist, but many owners have come into the salon asking if it would be okay to bathe their dog because of them. We would ask how long they have been in, and we've had owners say a month, two months, SIX MONTHS(I'm not quite sure if this is possible, but that's what an owner said).

This could also fall under stupid pet owners, because I would think that stiches/staples shouldn't be in for THAT long, or the owner should have asked somebody. But the fact that this vet is telling his patients that they're disolvable, when they're really not is just bad. Owners have come back or called to confirm that the stitches/staples were NOT disolvable after going to another vet to have looked at.

TL;DR : Vet telling patients that the stiches/staples in their pet is disolvable when they're really not.
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