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An incident that happened awhile ago

Last year during the first month of the new semester, I was ungodly sick with a flu/bronchitis strain. Needless to say, when I coughed, felt like my head would fly off and combust, thus causing my right eye's blood vessels to pop. So for a few days, I hid in my apartment for being sick and I looked like I had the T-virus (hope some of ya have seen the movie I am referring to lol). Well one day, when I finally had the appetite, I decided to go to the Subway a couple minutes away, mind you, still with the bloody eye. I go up and ordered my usual roasted chicken breast sub and all through it, a worker kept staring at my eye. I looked at her and said " It's not contagious, just blood vessels popped" as she looked like she wished she had a biohazards suit on. Then as she is working on my sandwich, the following dialogue happened. I remembered it due to, being treated like this is hard to forget.

Subway Worker: "Oh my God that looks painful!" *stare-stare*

Me: "Erm yea...I want also green pep-"

Subway Worker: "Oh I can't do this...ewww, I can't stop looking at her eye" *fret-fret-frets before pointing at her co-worker" You do this! I need to not wait on her. HER EYE!"

And yes, I was embarassed and it hurt too much to tear up as I already felt pathetic enough, but didn't realize a perfect stranger would have the audacity to not want to do her job all because she was repulsed by my eye. A couple weeks later, I noticed that she was no longer working there, whether she was fired or not who knows? Alright, that was my bad service post. Ciao!
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