Kuroibara (lovemadness) wrote in bad_service,

bad_service at Gino's

Okay I don't know if this place is WV only or what but it's a small fast-food kind of Italian food place- they do pizza, spaghetti, sandwiches and salads. There is a location two doors down from my workplace, so my coworkers go there all the time, frequently enough that they have a small discount available for employees of where I work.

Tuesdays is their big day because it's the "Two-for" Tuesday-- buy one and get one free. My coworker and I decide that we'll both get baked spaghetti with garlic bread. If we order it ahead of time and tell them when our lunches are, they will have the food ready for our lunches.

So the story begins at 6:15. I have my 15 minute break, so i go down to Gino's and i order 2 baked spaghetti plates with garlic bread, one for 8:30 and one for 9:00 for pick up. It comes out to $7.73 (this is why Tuesday rocks). I pay with my credit card. I sign the slip, I put my copy of the receipt in my purse cause my coworker is going to pay me back for half. Satisfied, I go back to work.

Cue 8:30. My coworker (I got her side of the story later) goes to Gino's and picks up her food and brings it back, and it's not garlic bread, it's butter bread. She walks it back down to Gino's and asks them if it can be changed out because she ordered garlic bread and got butter bread. They say yeah sure hang on a few minutes, they give her some new bread and send her on her way. She brings it back and opens the bread and there's a 6 inch long hair baked into the bread.

She walks back down to Gino's, hands the bread over and says "I'd like some new bread, there's a hair in this one." She got shushed by the cashier (who was rude when I placed the order even), so she says "Don't shush me, there is hair in this bread!"

The rest of her part I don't exactly recall but I know she tried to talk to the manager and the manager wouldn't be bothered to come out and see her, just said "give her some bread or refund her money."

Fast forward to 9:00, I go down to pick up my food. I wait in line for a while, grab my receipt out of my purse in case the cashier doesn't remember that I already paid, and then when it's my turn, I give her my name and she turns around and picks up my food.


I wave my receipt. "It's already been paid."
"Oh um, she wasn't happy with her dinner so she got the money back. You'll have to re-pay for it if you want it."

Uh wait. Excuse me? Can you prove that you refunded someone else for something i paid for on my credit card, that I have a RECEIPT for? It's illegal to do that, if a refund was done they should have asked for the card. At that point I should have asked to speak to the manager, and I hadn't gotten my coworker's story yet (I had had a feeling she had been having trouble cause I ad seen her from my desk walking back and forth to Gino's), but still, THEY GAVE AWAY MY MONEY TO SOMEONE THAT WASN'T ME?

And now if I want my food I have to pay, again? Wen I got back to work and told this story, people said pretty much "They ripped you off, you shouldn't have had to pay again, and where's your free one? You bought one you should have gotten one free."

Either way I have two receipts with timestamps on them, when I got into the break room, my coworker told the story and we called the manager and complained and the manager was rude, especially when we pointed out the illegality of he fact that they GAVE MY COWORKER MY MONEY for something hat was paid for on my credit card. The manager tried to tell us to bring the money back down and let them refund it on my credit card, which we refused.

We'll be calling the district manager.
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