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Update to:, Dell and apartment water bill.

First up: Water bill
Had time yesterday, made a call, visited the office. Turns out now we're being billed by our square footage, not usage! Okay, that's all fine and well, but was it so hard to put that in the notice of change? Apparently I wasn't the only one upset, so the new corporate is "working on it". Oh, and the companies were changed because the prior biller only worked with prior corporate. Go figure!

Next, Dell!
As Kayfox so nicely pointed out in the last post, THE WEBSITE IS STILL UP! is it Nope. Thanks Kayfox, for finding something that Dell employees couldn't find! My new battery is ordered and should be here in 20 days =)

Finally, Fidelity.

Is it so hard to get my money? Yes, the money is in a custodial account under my dad's name, but both he and I have wasted 2 weeks trying to get the money so I can, I don't know, actually have my downpayment at closing? He was told he needed at various points 1.) my birth certificate, 2.) the exact number of shares in the account, and no, the amount on the last statement would not be good enough, 3.) a pin number from 15 years ago, 4.) The exact date the account was opened (again, over 15 years ago). Finally I gear up to do battle, go to my local Fidelity (we live 300 miles apart), and find out he needs NONE of that. All he has to do is go down to his local Fidelity, 20 minutes away, show is drivers license, and sign a paper to wire the money to me. Was that really so hard to tell him!?!

As a note, the Fidelity near him opened only a couple of months ago, and he (or rather my mom, she keeps track of all that) honestly didn't know it was there, and it didn't occur to her to check since for 15 years they'd done everything by phone. While that mitigates a little of the bad service, did no one really bother to mention it to him? Supposedly the money should be in my account tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.
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