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Licensed professional homeless contractor

This story takes place yesterday. I'm not mad, just weirded out by the incredibly avoidable situation.

My girlfriend moved into a new place (upstairs apartment / converted attic) about a month and a half ago. The neighbors downstairs were supposedly evicted and when their place was opened up there was much OMGWTF about the place, which dealt a lot with plumbing, insects, and years of nothing being done to renovate or keep the place in order (it wasn't just the tenants that let that place go to hell though).

So currently there are no tenants in the place and there's a remodeling team that showed up at 8am yesterday and started working on the place, replacing windows, hammering things while I tried to sleep but shouldn't have been sleeping, etc...

Me and the G left for work, I came back over about 7 last night and the walkway was littered with 3-5 inch shards of glass from a window they had broken out. We went out for a walk noticing the broken laundry room door / entrance to her apartment was still broken. When we got back about 8:30 the laundry room was about 100 degrees and there was a load running, which I thought odd since it's the downstairs neighbor's, and there were none.

I looked in the dryer and shut it off, it was a big sleeping bag and it was very very well dried so I shut off the machine, in the washing machine were a ton of clothes. I went back outside and there was no vehicle there so I was a bit concerned but didn't think too much of it.

About half an hour later we smell smoke and I wander back to the laundry room to see if the washer and dryer have exploded or something and there's nothing in them (except for socks, lots of socks in the washer), the door to the downstairs apartment is open and there's a bike in there that had not been there before and all the lights are off and there's a radio playing.

I tiptoe back up the stairs and the woman is on the phone with the landlord who tells her to call the police. I had just called a friend of mine who's a lot closer than the police are (and also a police reservist) and told him the situation and he tells me to call the cops and lock the door / he'll be near in case something happens but he does not want to be on the site holding a weapon when the uniformed police show up unless our lives are at risk, which is understandable because, well, they might shoot him. Again.

I start to call the police and her phone rings, it's the landlord who just got through to the contractor's company, it's the guy they sent out and he's decided that it was not safe to leave his tools at a job site that he can lock up, nor inform the owner that he was going to stay in the house, nor inform the people upstairs that he was going to be downstairs in the dark smoking something that did not smell like cigarettes nor weed, it smelled like an electrical fire.

The contractor's boss called up the contractor and bitched him out for playing his music too loud (it wasn't) and smoking in the house, we mention that the music was not too loud nor was the smoke overwhelming that we just wanted to make sure it wasn't some nutjob psycho killer burning down the house.

I mean really though, who expects that a rather big-name contracting company is going to drop off a guy on a bike who's going to live there and use your ac/washer/dryer/power without telling you before hand "oh yeah, our guy is on a bike and will be living there for the duration of the remodel"

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