Geena (sunsetsinthewes) wrote in bad_service,

So, this evening I went out to eat at a soup and sandwich place. I special-ordered a sandwich due to allergies and all, and the cashier (who turned out to be the manager), said it was perfectly fine.

I got the sandwich, and the bread was wrong. Whatever, I let it go. The bread was fine enough anyway. So I started eating and realized, very quickly, that it was the wrong cheese. I went to the counter, explained what happened, and the first man (B) said he'd get them to fix it. A second employee came up, listened to what I said, and told me I was wrong. That my sandwich was right. Then he turned around and walked away without saying a word to me.

I went back to my table, told my girlfriend, and we both went to the counter again. We explained, again, that it was wrong and I wanted the right sandwich. B nodded, told Employee #2, who sighed, and said (in front of us) that I was lying and there was nothing wrong. He continued to talk about me, in an annoyed and incredibly rude manner. B was great, but the other guy...

Honestly, it just put me off. I usually like the place, but Employee #2? Fine, I pissed you off, whatever. Why would you think it's okay to complain about me in front of me and tell me I'm wrong about my own dinner?
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