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McDonalds: "We have ice cream?" (or so they act like)

Sent this to McDonalds' via PlanetFeedback. What crappy service they have. (Just like this, complete with at least one minor typo... the date's wrong too, oops, oh well, they've screwed up a lot worse than I did)

I have a ticket for a free Small McFlurry obtained via the Monopoly 2.0 game. I decided to redeem it today, October 21st, 2004. First, I visited the restaurant just south of Interstate 64 on Hampton Rd. in St. Louis, MO at approximately 11:30 a.m. I purchased lunch (after an interminable wait) and requested to redeem the coupon only to be told that the ice cream machine was not working. I left.

After leaving work, I visited the Mcdonald's just south of 64 on Hanley Rd. at approximately 7:15 p.m. and again attempted to redeem the coupon, only to be told that they too could not serve me.

At this point I've decided that I'm going to get my ice cream right now, tired of being told that the menu item I'm requesting, which is listed on the menu, is not available, so I drive south on Hanley to the next McDonald's, about a mile or so down the road. At this point I Yet again, a member of the staff tells me ... he's sorry, I can't be served.

At no point was I rude to any of the staff, but I do feel quite upset -- justifiably so, I think.

It is simply unacceptable that I attempted to redeem the coupon at three different locations and left empty-handed each time. McDonald's should not offer items on its menu that it has no intention of serving. The fact that three different locations were unable to serve me indicates to me that the company is offering a menu item that it does not actually have for sale.

I have also in the past attempted to order Butterfinger McFlurrys, which were listed on the menu, but everyone was always consistently out -- claiming the flavor was not offered despite the fact that it was clearly listed on the menu boards. (Now it seems to be covered over with black electrician's tape ... and I still can't get a Butterfinger Flurry.)

I am uncertain whether I would consider dining in your restaurant again. Also, I don't plan on recommending you to people I know.

Here is how I would like you to address my complaint: Explain to me why I was not able to order this item despite visiting three different restaurants. Explain to me why McDonald's does not apparently actually offer this item, since a customer should never go home empty-handed after trying three different locations. Be sure that it will actually be able to provide customers with the items it offers as prizes in its promotions. Provide a coupon for this item that can actually be redeemed and ensure that restaurants will actually fulfill the order in a timely and accurate fashion.

Do they ever pull this on any of you?
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