Danielle (drawjapann) wrote in bad_service,

Subway Lady

I've been harbouring this story for a while, but I'm going to share it finally! 

So, my friend and I walk into Subway and order our sandwiches and whatnot.  All is well!  Most of the employees try and strike up small talk whilst the sandwich is being toasted and usually, good conversations ensue.  The employee who had taken our order looked at me like I had a terrible case of leprosy and here is our dialogue in script form:

ML: my friend
E1: Employee 1
E2: Employee 2

E1: What'd you do to your hair?!?!!?!!!!!!!!
Me: -looks at ML- Uhh, I put some red and dark blue dye in my hair?! :D -nervous laugh-
E1: No, not like that.  Girl, why is it so poofy?
Me: Well that's how my hair is.  I can't really control it that well--
E1: Flat iron it!  Do something with it!
Me: I did flat iron it |':
E1: Ooh, girl, you need to get it professionally done!  Go to a salon or something!
Everyone sans me: -laughing-
Me: ):

...After that awkward exchange, my friend is laughing and so am I, but out of embarrassment.  Here's a little more:

E2: Y'all are still laughing?
ML: Haha, yeah it was pretty funny.
Me: )':
E2: Hey, E1, they're still laughing! 
E1: I didn't mean for it to be funny, I'm just trying to be honest, you know!  If I don't look good, I don't want someone to lie to me and tell me I look good.  -gives me shifty look-

I have never been more embarrassed in my life, really.  Sounds shallow, but it seemed as if she was mocking me and it made me feel so dumb and ugly.  It was also worse because no-one defended me, and I was too sad to say anything!  Ugh, this sounds so pitiful, but I think I actually cried.  Like, who has heard of an entire store ganging up on you?  D:  It really sucked.
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