Turn My Lips Blue (cocacola_sorrow) wrote in bad_service,
Turn My Lips Blue

Earlier this year, I was in a private hospital in St Leonards, Sydney. I was a patient there for one month, and for the last two weeks of my stay I was able to leave the hospital to walk around the local vicinity, which included several fast food outlets, a smaller supermarket, a news agent and several hair salons, one in particular which was called Xquizit Hair. One Saturday , in order to lift my mood, I booked an appointment at Xquizit Hair to get my hair tidied.

My hair is naturally blonde and around shoulder length with a somewhat interesting fringe: it's triangular a with a dark brown streak running through it which you can see here (I apologise for the crappiness of the photo. When I made the appointment on the Thursday before, I told the guy that I just wanted my fringe cut back into the triangular shape and I wanted it re-dyed (and I pointed/touched) the dark streak of my hair. He said that was fine and it would cost $30.00.

The haircut itself when fine, even through he seemed... unfriendly. But hey, he did a good job cutting the fringe, who am I to complain? Then came the hair dying.

First he asked me "how much did I agree to charge you again?". I told him $30.00. He grunted, and wet my fringe with the water bottle and went off to mix up the dye. He came back, did not clarify where I wanted the dye and immediately began paint dark brown all over my blonde fringe. It’s probably my fault, but I just assumed that he would simply apply colour to the all ready dark brown part.

I actually yelled 'What are you doing?" at this point. See, thos eof you who have blonde hair (natural or otherwise), will know that blonde hair 'grabs colour'. If you put even coloured hairspray into blonde hair, it will stain it. My mum who was sitting next to me tried to tell the hairdresser this, but he kept saying 'no, no, it will be fine' as he removed the dye. Five minutes later, part of the blonde part of my fringe was dark brown.

It's ok, I can fix it, he said. He then mixed up a bleach solution and began applying it to the stained part of my hair and then redyed the brown part of my fringe, all the while saying that it wasn't really his fault, he didn't know, he thought he wanted all of my fringe dye brown. I should mention that during this process, he slopped bleach and brown dye EVERYWHERE- on my forehead, on my cheek, on the table and on the mirror. His assistant also dropped the dye bucket on my shoulder.

When it came time to rinse the dye out of my fringe, instead of sitting me down on the hairdressing chair, he had me kneel on it (in a fairly awkward position) with my head face down towards the basin.

However, what was worse was when the bleach washed out, the blonde part of my fringe had turned bright orange. I was fairly devastated at that point, however the hairdresser kept telling me 'No, no no, it's ok, it'll just wash out'. There was no WAY I was going to put up with that, so he finally agreed to put toner in my hair to wash out the orange.

The toner worked, even though it left my hair a little grey. At 12:30, after being in the salon for nearly two hours, I finally left. The guy charged me the full $30.00 and did not offer any form of discount or complimentary hair wash or anything. I was too shaky and felt too sick on my stomach to protest al all or argue for one. I just wanted to get back to my hospital room.

When I finally did return back to the hospital, I realised that I still had dye marks on my face and that part of the brown dye had leached into the main part of my hair.

tl;dr: Hairdresser dyes part of blonde hair dark brown, splashes dye on me, dyes part of my hair bright orange and does not offer any discount or apology.
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