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I don't know what a web address is; also, what happens when your apartment building is sold

subtitle: What makes little Jens scream war cries.

As a preface: In the next three weeks, we will be closing on a house and I'm starting a new career. Things are already a little stressful.

First up: Dell!

When my mom bought my laptop for me for christmas, she got the "Super-Duper Extended warrenty!" That "covered everything but hammer marks" the sales rep promised her. "Everything?" she asked. "Of course, everything".

Well, my battery's shot. It's been 2 years, and it's finally so dead that it's not even worth having it in the laptop. There was also a recall for the battery, but I never got around to it because all the recall notices got sent to my parents house, and when I called about it, I had to reference the papers that were 600 miles away.

So I have 45 extra minutes one morning (because that's how long it takes to talk to tech support), so I go about ordering a new battery.
"Welcome to Dell, this is *someone from Outer Mongolia who's name I wouldn't even be able to pronounce if I remembered. How can I help you?" (called DB for Dell Bitch from this point on).
Me: Hi, I need a new battery for my laptop, mine's dead.
DB: Really, what's wrong with it?
Me:, it doesn't hold a charge. I'm still under warrenty, please send me a new battery.
DB: *looks up info* Well, I see here that you're past your warrenty. Batteries only have a 1 year warrenty.
Me: *little miffed that this wasn't explained at purchase, but not the bad service yet* Okay, well, it was one of the recall batteries, is it too late to get a new one that way?
DB: I can't do that. You have to order it through the site. Go to
Me: *tries* It's not working. Are you sure that's the site?
DB: Yes. Try again.
Me: I'm sorry, server not found, I don't believe that's correct.
DB: Yes, it is. Go to, and click "agree"
Me: *goes to site* and what am I agreeing to?
DB: You're agreeing to let me take control of the computer so you can go to the website.
Me: oh no no no. I've done that before and my computer was worse off. I'm telling you, the site does not work!
DB: Well, if you want a new battery, you'll do this because you can't seem to type the website in the address bar yourself.
**note**: last time I let a dell rep take remote control of my computer, they screwed my router 6 ways to sunday and left my computer worse than when I started. But, being broke (see buying a house), and not having $130 to spend on a new battery, I took the chance that she wasn't relaying something correctly and that she could get me a new battery.
Alas, it was not to be. First, I use firefox, second, I had a couple of word files I was working on minimized at the bottom. What does she do? Exits firefox, closing all the word files (and not saving), then opens IE, configures it as the primary (easily fixable, but still iritating), and tries to go to the website.
Me: I would appriciate it if you ASKED next time before closing files that weren't relevant to the current situation. Those did need to be saved.
DB: It's not working here, but the site is up. Would you like to troubleshoot your internet now?
Me: My internet is fine!
DB: Obviously, it's not. I will start troubleshooting.
Me: *unplugs laptop, which makes it shut down immediately*. You will do no such thing. If my internet wasn't working, then how were you able to screw up my laptop?!? We are done here. *click*
And as expected, the dell survey showed up in my e-mail about 2 hours later, so i told them exactly what I thought, not that it does any good. Unfortunately, I've tried twice to complain to supervisors, but all that seems to get me is a dial tone.

ETA: turns out my internet wasn't broken (big surprise!). Actually, the battery recall program was over, and the site had been taken down. so, not bad service: missing the recall window, that was my bad. bad service: being accused of a.) not being smart enough to go to a website, and b.) trying to get me to go to a website that NO LONGER EXISTED!

They sold our complex, and brought in all new people. We used to be managed by Aimco, and I really had no complaints. Everything was fixed within 24 hrs of complaint, they'd check the place when were gone for long periods of time, etc. Now, with 2.5 months left, we have new people. Now before, water was kind of a part of rent: they charged us for what we used, but we paid it with the rent, which meant we got a bill every month.

Now, that's changed. We got a notice to no longer pay water with rent. No big deal, except we've been here for two years, and while I know my rent is *around* $775, I don't know what my rent actually is. So I call and ask, and get told very snottily to check my lease. The lease that is in one of 50 boxes because we're moving in 2 weeks! You're the leasing office, given by the number of empty appartments around me, I don't think you're doing much. Would it kill you to take 30 seconds and look it up??

Our first, "independent" water bill arrived today, and I nearly shit myself. There are two people in our apartment. So tell my why my water bill went from ~$20 to $41!?! And I can't even compare usage to see if there's a leak somewhere because they don't bother to tell me what our usage is! It gives the billing cycle, the amount due for water, sewer, trash, and administrative fees(?), but not how much we actually used of any of that. I feel like I'm being screwed, and I'm not sure what I can do. I mean, it's not like I can just switch/not use water, it just doesn't seem fair to switch like that, especially when it doubles our payment. Now I'm going to have to go through the packed boxes to see if the lease says anything specifically about water. And of course, Heartland Water "Our Water Partner" has phone hours from 8:30-5pm ET M-F. And if it's not paid by the 18th, there's a lovely $20 late fee, so not a whole lot of time to dispute.

tl;dr: Dell accuses me of not being able to find a website/tries to break my computer. Apt complex is bitchy and doubled the price of water.
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