Kasatka (kasatka) wrote in bad_service,

Update on Apartment "Inspection"

Update on this post.

The people came back Thursday, and stood around for five minutes and changed the filter in the heater and did something in the bathroom. As they were leaving, the following conversation occured:

Me: Um, when you guys need to come by for something, is there any way you can give us 24 hour notice ahead of time? Just because we usually sleep in the afternoon.
Lady: But you were scheduled for Thursday, 1-5.
Me: Yes, but we weren't told this.
Lady: But look, we had you scheduled. *points to slip of paper that says Thurs, 1-5
Me: Right. But what I'm saying is that we usually are asleep in the afternoon, and as a result tend to ignore the door, so I just want to know ahead of time so people just don't come in, like yesterday.
Lady: We didn't come in. You were scheduled for Thursday.
Me: Er, but you two were here yesterday and knocked.
Lady: But we didn't come in.
Me: Yes, but you unlocked the door. I just want to know ahead of time so we can make sure we're up.
*Lady gives me a funny look like I just grew a third eye*

I don't think she got it.


And I'm pretty sure she's one of the managers.

Additionally, I'm not sure what they did in the bathroom, but it has a chemical smell now, like Ajax or Clorox. (I'm thinking the guy dumped something down the bathtub drain, but I couldn't see what.) At any rate, whatever's in there now is something I'm allergic to and it's giving me breathing issues.


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