Eva Whitley (wouldyoueva) wrote in bad_service,
Eva Whitley

Denver Marriott suckage

I'm in Denver for a convention...

I've been up for about 2.5 minutes now, trying to get back to sleep. I've given up for a time.

The room is freezing, and I definitely need more than the one blanket the Denver Marriott put on the bed. Presently, I have the thermostat set on 85 degrees, as high as it will go. It hasn't helped.

I can't say I'm much impressed with this hotel. When I reserved the room I asked for two double beds. When Marriott sent me an email link to their rewards program site to note my preferences, I asked for a double-double. When we checked in (don't remember the time except it was before midnight but after 10) they informed us all their double-doubles were gone, and our choices were a king size bed with a sofa bed, or a king size bed with a rollaway. Take it or leave it.

The tub faucet leaks something fierce, and we had to get the toilet unclogged twice (and they weren't in any hurry to do it). Oh, the sofa bed hurt my son's back so much, he's sleeping in the real bed now (my back is already hosed, so while I'm not crazy about the sofa bed, it beats crawling into bed with my 16 yo son).

I'm off to pull on some clothes and hike down to the front desk for blankets.

Edited to add: I asked that they deliver the blankets to me, so they wouldn't have to wake my kid up. It took about 20 minutes to get the blankets to me, and I went back to the room, only to discover they had just been delivered there...waking my kid up.

To summarize: hotel ignored my booking preferences, and then tried to freeze me. For this I'm paying $175/night.

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