Gamerboi (gaymerboi) wrote in bad_service,

Wells Fargo - Where 2+2 = 5

 Wells Fargo... WTH?

So I was getting a condo, and had to have a Cashier's check for the downpayment and the fees.  I bank at Wells Fargo, and I went there to get my check.  I had to go at work, during my lunch hour, and the bus that goes to that branch only runs once an hour (this comes up later).  Which means even for a 5 second transaction it takes me over an hour to get there and back to work.  

So I buck it up and take my lunch hour to get my Cashier's check for my downpayment.  I get the Cashier's check for the downpayment amount and go about my business.  

A few days later my ATM card is denied.... I think "huh, thats odd, I should still have a couple hundred left even after the downpayment."  So I get online to check my balance when I get home and it SHOWS THEY TOOK THE MONEY FOR THE CASHIER'S CHECK TWICE!!  Once for the ACTUAL amount, and once for $200 less.  My account is showing overdrawn by over $5000?!?!  Plus, a bunch of extra fees for the 'overdraft'.  So I IMMEDIATLY call customer service (which for WF is a 1-800 number).  They act sympathetic, but tell me that I have to talk to the branch that did the transaction.  I dig around and finally find their number and call.  I leave a message for the manager - which he actually calls me back fairly quickly.

The manager then does tell me I have to come down in person to get this fixed.  

Now I'm pissed, cause that means I have to take my entire afternoon off from work just to go down there for this.  At least when I got down there they got it fixed and reversed all the overdrafts, etc.  

The manager tries to explain what happened, which is apparently was that night when the cashier was counting down her drawer, she couldn't get her till to balance and she figured it was my cashier's check, so she re-enters it for what she figures is the correct amount.  I'm kinda confused by the explanation, because it seems like that would put her WAY more off..... I'm an accountant, but I never could understand his explanation of WTF happened...... 

I'd love to switch banks after this, but this is really the only bank that is anywhere close to my house/work.  At least when I explained to the manager what was wrong he got it fixed that day.

tl/tr: I got a cashiers check for my condo downpayment, and the clerk at Wells Fargo took out the money out of my account twice .... overdrawing my account by over $5000
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