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Oooh, I don't like this....

There was a heavy rapping at our apartment door, and I decided to ignore it. (I was in my PJs, about to take a shower.) It came again, and I thought I'd peek to see who it was.

Looked like some old guy, and then the deadbolt started turning!!

I called out "Hello?" and a woman answered and said it was maintainence to do an inspection. I asked them to come back tomorrow afternoon, but GEEZ, don't they have to give you some warning before entering your apartment?! They've never told us ANYTHING about an inspection. Ever. And we've lived here a year.

My husband works nights, so he was asleep and I had just gotten up because my sleeping schedule is tweaked due to his.

What if we had just ignored it like we usually do in the daytime (when we sleep) or if it was only me home and I was in the bathroom or in the shower or... heaven forbid, what if we had been.. er... totally doing other things?!

Any advice?
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