creativexangst (creativexangst) wrote in bad_service,

BK Suck. Mostly the cashier, not BK in general...

So, a lot of you wont see the bad service here because thats the way these things seem to be going lately, but let me preface this saying that it was in voice/face.

So, my entire wallet was missing/stolen (disappered IN wal mart after I was bumped into by a group of people). Burger King called me and informed me they had it (apparently, they always check id when it says "See ID" and I was saved YAY!). Thats the amazing service. Anyway, I went tonight to pick it up, and I walked up the cashier, who was a man who looked to be in his 40s. Here's how it went:
Me-Your lovely OP
S-friend I was with.
Me-Hey! You guys apparently have my wallet, its bright purple!
Him-::looks at me like I'm the stupidest person alive:: bright purple and has
Him: (interrupting) Well. No one told ME about that. How do YOU know?! Who did YOU talk to?!
Me: The manager? She called me and told me that it was on her desk and...
Him: (Interrupting again)- What manager, how did you know it was a manager?
Me: Um, she said it was...
Him: Well, Beth is our manager, did she say her name?
Me: No...
Him: Well, I dont know anything about it.
S: Um, could you go look for her??
Him: ::huff grr anger:: FINE! ::marches off:

My friend at this point explodes. Neither of us had eaten and she was cranky and was like "Seriously, whats so hard about looking?! WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT YOUR JOB!?!?" And I was like "whoa, wait, their job could be hard. Its just whats so hard about THIS particular job...". She fumes some more and then we figure out what we want to order. 10 minutes later (and we could see him moving around in the back, getting a drink, etc), he comes back with it. Im about to jump over the counter and kiss him with joy...
Him: Whats your name
Me: Creativexangst
Him: ::hands it to me:: Well, whoever had it CERTAINLY didnt secure it all. It was just sitting out there. I couldnt find it.
Me: ::thinking:: If it was just sitting there, how could you not find it...??

Anyway, we ordered and the next guy in line apparently knew them and commented on his attitude when he walked away, and his co worker was like "Yea, he's not in a good mood."
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