mirror_and_clothing (tesyra) wrote in bad_service,

Ham's... boo forever.

This is possibly the shortest bad service to ever happen to me but ironically the most potent.

I never ever go to Ham's so it's kind of funny the way this happened like it did.  Last night on my way home I ordered something to go from Ham's.  The guy was really nice on the phone.  I pull up to the restaurant, and walk in through a pretty busy dining room straight up to the bar since there was no one at the host stand and I figured as most bars do, that's where they handle their delivery orders.  There's a bartender and a waitress having a conversation, making some sort of order.  It was really loud and crazy busy in there so when the waitress looked straight at me and mouthed *something like* "what?", I smiled and said, "oh I just came to get a to-go order"  and kind of brushed my hand to the side indicating "whenever you're ready it's no big deal"/universal gesture thing.  

She, like, sneered or something at me and yelled, "what?!"  So, I leaned forward and a little bit louder than the first time..."I just came to get a to-go order...for [last name]...?"  Then this is what happened: she smirked, rolled her eyes, looked to the side like she was embarrassed to talk to me, and then snapped, "I'm just UP HERE to get some DRINKS for my TABLE," then turned back to the bartender, who also then looked at me, looked away, and then started a new conversation with someone else.

I was so dumbstruck by the wtf that my polite smile was like perma-melted on my face for about thirty seconds and I think I must have looked like this:

And I felt bad (for some reason) and totally embarrassed and after about a minute uneventfully turned around, walked out, got in my car, and drove home. 

Today when I woke up there was a missed call from Ham's at about 12:30 a.m.... two and a half hours after I had made the order.  I had called my friend and told him what happened right after I left and he was like, "omg lol they have your name and number you have to go get your food" and I was just like, "what ev Take-out police, that girl was a major a-hole" so now I think I'll just stick to my original plan of not ever going to Ham's, which seems to have been working.
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