Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

Do I have a gravitational field for morons?

Tonight was our 3 year anniversary. (yay us!)
We went out to dinner at Anthony's. It's a chain type deal that serves really good seafood but it's a bit pricy and we only go there once a year.

We get seated, the waiter makes a joke about him and my husband having the same name, asks if we're ready to order (which we're totally not) and then takes off.
He eventually comes back we decide and order. He brings my husband's wine but not my diet pepsi (boo no alcohol for me! Silly medications) The busboy brings my diet pepsi.
We wait... and wait...
A different waiter that was working outside (in the patio uniform) brings us our appetizer. NOM NOM YUM! My soda is empty and we wait... and wait...
He brings our chowders and walks away, I assume he'll bring me a soda and we wait some more. After I was done with my chowder I asked the busboy for a soda refill. (Not his job but where the hell is my waiter?)
Our entrees come out, brought by YET another waitress. No sign of our waiter. My soda runs out. I ask a different waitress for a refill. Waiter shows up just as I'm finishing my entree asks if I need a box (yes) and if I want a refill (yes) and if we want a dessert menu (yes).
5 minutes later he comes back with the box and the dessert menu. And then we he came back to take our dessert order he brought me a refill. 10 minutes later our dessert arrives, he throws our check on the table and takes off, I managed to snag him in time to ask for another refill (I know, I drink a lot of soda, but at $30 a plate I kind of expect to get as much soda as I want).
25 minutes later he still has not come to pick up our check to run our card so we walked up to the hostess podium. He saw us walking up there and ran across the restaurant to intercept us.
For the first time ever I didn't tip. I wish I could have tipped the busboy (I had no cash or I WOULD have). I also told the hostess that he had too many tables since he was giving us such crappy service.
To top it off the slow service made us miss our movie!

Update So I called the manager on Tuesday afternoonish and he said "I'll talk to the guy, thanks" and basically hung up on me. Which I decided STILL didn't satisfy my desire for bad_service vengeance so I emailed the company through their webpage.
I got a call from the General Manager this afternoon. He said that the manager had written in the "manager log" that he had tried to offer me a free dinner for two but I had refused to give him my name or phone number. I laughed and told him that was just a lie. And apparently we weren't the only couple to complain about our server that night.
So, now I AM getting a certificate for a free dinner for two, and the server and manager both will be getting a talking to.

TL;DR Seated in the blackhole of a restaurant where light bent around us and made us impossible to be seen by our waiter. Slow service makes us miss movie. GRR.
Now updated with favorable results.
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