Genevieve (g_dawgmckickass) wrote in bad_service,

So, a couple months ago, I sadly lost my wedding band. Since we were young and poor when we got married, I didn't really have an engagement ring either, so I started to look for something I'd like online. I came across From the Sky, from Lee Bell Designs, Inc. The make moissanite jewelry (look it up, it's cool stuff). I figured, hell, it's cheaper than a diamond, looks just like one, and there's no blood on my hands for buying it.

I found a design I liked and ordered it, for about $600. They offered free engraving as part of the deal, so my hubby made me close my eyes while he typed in his engraving because he wanted me to be surprised (awww).

Cut to a few weeks later, and my ring shows up. I take it out of the box, it's pretty...but wait, what the hell? I look to see what my hubby had engraved, and I can't read it at all. The first 2 words are all chipped and feathered, and the last 2 are just a big smear that goes all around the inside of the band - totally unreadable. Clearly it went through the engraving machine and no one even checked the work. It's really disappointing, so I give the company an e-mail. In reply they tell me that I should send it back to them (cross country) registered mail, with insurance, at my expense and they'll try and fix it.

Ummm...what? They think I should pay an extra $30 to send it back to them to do what they should have done right in the first place. So I suggest that they either give me a small refund (and come on, for a $600 order, what is $30?) so I can get it fixed locally, or they send me a return label so I can mail it back to them.

No answer. I wait a couple of weeks before I try again. This is the answer I get:

Hello G-Dawg,

I believe that I told you if you were unhappy with it to return it and we would redo it. In any event, you would have had to be the one to ship it back for that to happen.


I replied that I didn't think that was fair because this was not the finished product that I did pay for, and if she wasn't going to help me, it would have at least been nice if she had responded to my e-mail. And then I got this response:

Hello again G-dawg,

I am sorry you feel that way but that is entirely up to you.

I personally feel I responded to your each and every e-mail so the customer service is not lacking, it is just that I would not do what you demanded.

I offered you $30 off on your next purchase and that is really all I can do. I am sorry we did not meet your expectations and I hope you enjoy your ring.


#1 - Did you guys read in her last response that she offered me a $30 credit? Cause I didn't
#2 - Actually, biotch, you didn't respond to my e-mail.

When I told her those two things, she "forwarded" me her "original response" that I (oh so conveniently) must not have received:

Hi G-dawg,

I can not do that but I will offer you $30 off on your next order on our website. When you place your order, just put in the comments at checkout "per Nancy, $30 off this order" and I will take care of it.


The best part? It wasn't a actually a forward. It was a reply to my original e-mail. Dated today. As in, she *just* wrote it, sent it, and then told me that she sent it weeks ago. Well, she's not tech savvy, that's for sure, just a bitch.

Anyway, I finally just took the ring in to a local jeweler, who had to ask what the hell the engraving was supposed to read, so that she could re-do it. Bottom line, don't shop at, because they are assholes.
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