Mallory (jesuisfancy) wrote in bad_service,

Hospital Suck

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I got into a fight. I'm 8 months pregnant, so I can be a little emotional at times... that night, I blew up and got into his face about something so completely stupid. Instead of arguing with me, he went outside and punched the window in our front door. I was gathering up my purse and keys to leave because I was so upset, when he ran back inside the door and said, "We need to go to the hospital NOW." I turned around and saw blood EVERYWHERE- it was splattered all over the side of the house, all over the porch and it was literally pouring out of his wrist.

Within about 20 seconds of his fist going through the window, we were in the car and on the road to the hospital, which is 5 minutes away from our house when you're doing the speed limit. I, as you can probably imagine, was speeding just a bit. Just to give you an idea of how quickly he was losing blood, within that very short amount of time, a pool had collected in my boyfriends shirt, which he was pulling up to avoid it spilling all over my car, and he was beginning to lose consciousness.

I had never been to the emergency room in this particular hospital, and had no idea where it was, so I pulled up to the first door I came to, which was the ambulance entrance. My boyfriend ran up to the phone by the entrance and was greeted by a woman sitting at the desk RIGHT next to the door

Woman: You have to go around to the other side of the building
Boyfriend (leaning against the wall because he is so weak and is covered in blood, which is still pouring out of his wrist): Please, I'm bleeding, I need to-
Woman: I can see that, but you have to go around to the main door
Boyfriend: PLEASE, I-
Woman: *Hangs up phone*

I am completely hysterical at this point, and have no idea where I'm going so I'm driving around the whole hospital building, when I finally find the main entrance. He runs in and I go to park the car. I run in the door and follow the path of blood (the floor was literally covered in blood, not just a couple drips here and there) to the emergency room, where I hear a couple nurses complaining because my boyfriend had gotten blood all over the floor. They bring me back to the room they're working on him in and it's the last room of the hallway... RIGHT NEXT TO THE AMBULANCE ENTRANCE WE WENT TO IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Are you serious? I know hospitals have rules and regulations, but you don't turn somebody away who is obviously hurt very badly and damn near bleeding to death, then complain because they get blood on the floor!
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