her_awesomeness (her_awesomeness) wrote in bad_service,

At work today, my co-workers and I decided we wanted Papa John's for lunch. We got our order together, and placed it at 11:00am. Our pizzas weren't too difficult. Two larges, one with pepperoni and sausage, the other with sausage, bacon, and green peppers. They give us our total, and tell us the estimated time is 45 minutes, and that it will be here at noon at the latest. No big deal. We munch on my stash of wheat thins, and get back to work.

I'm working at my computer, and I hear D say "Where is the pizza man? He said he should be here by now..." It's 5 'till noon. I tell her to be patient, maybe they got a little behind or can't find the place or something. Over 20 minutes later, still no pizza. So D is starting to get a little upset and calls Papa John's up and (politely, I might add) asks about our pizzas. She give then name, but nothing comes up in their system. So she gives the order, and the guy goes "Oh.... we haven't even started on that one yet." So the manager (he was the one who answered) asks for her to give her order again, and tells her it will be half an hour. She tells him we were already waiting over an hour, and asks if we could get some sort of discount or something (still being really polite) He huffs and puffs, and tries to talk her out of it, but eventually tells us he'll give us a discount, but won't tell us how much. I tell her to get his name, and they hang up.

Then not even ten minutes later, the pizza man shows up. He tells us a completely different story, that he was told this pizza order JUST came in and it was on a rush order. He tells us the total, and there is no discount applied. We ask him about it, and he says "The manager was the one who gave me this order. He didn't say anything about a discount."

We call Papa John's back up, and have to go through the loop before someone gives us the manager we talked to before (even though we asked him by name, they kept giving us a different manager. I guess there was three working at once or something?) We finally get a hold of the manager, and he says he did give us a discount. We tell him the delivery guy told us the exact total that we were given earlier when we first placed the order. There is a little going back and forth, then the manager tells the delivery guy the total with the discount, and we send him on his way with a fairly large tip for his troubles since we did tie him up for a while while talking with the managers. (D almost didn't want to tip him because she was so pissed, but I reminded her it wasn't his fault)

When we sit down to eat, it was 10 'till 1:00.

We even told the people that if they were busy when we called, we would of had no problem with them telling us it would take longer then an hour. We would of gotten snacks from the chicken joint next door to tide us over (we have a deal with then. They give it to us for free, but you get sick of it VERY quickly)

tl;dr pizza place told us expected time of delivery. Didn't show up during estimated time. We call place us curious to where pizza is, they tell us it hasn't even been started on. Manager tells us we'll get a discount, but when pizza finally get delivered theres no discount on it. Manager swears he gave us the discount, but the total is the same as our previous one. Finally get to eat our pizza around two hours after we placed the order.
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