Lechery or Silver (originalwacky) wrote in bad_service,
Lechery or Silver

Letter to MasterCuts.

All I wanted was a trim. Nothing complicated. So, here is the letter I am sending out.

August 1st, 2008

Human Resources

Regis Corporation –Regional Office

7201 Metro Blvd.

Minneapolis, MN  55439

Dear Sir or Madam,  

I am writing to share with you an incredibly emotionally distressing experience I had yesterday at your Mastercuts Salon at the Mill Creek Mall in Erie, Pennsylvania.  I don’t normally send letters such as this but I was so embarrassed and so saddened by how I was treated there that I can’t stop thinking about it.  I am prompted to write to you today not only on my own behalf but also on behalf of future customers of this particular store so that they too do not walk away in tears from interacting with this one particular stylist there.

On July 31, 2008 at approximately 6 pm (after waiting an hour) I spoke with a male stylist at this salon about getting a haircut.  The stylist, upon discovering I had psoriasis, loudly proclaimed so that all in the salon could hear him that it was (I quote) “illegal” for him to cut my hair.  Continuing on in a loud and accusing voice so that all in the very busy salon could hear he announced that whatever my dermatologist was giving me for my “condition” was not working and he once again insisted it was “illegal” for him to cut my hair.  I was so humiliated by his loud lecturing I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I tried very hard not to cry.  In fact, even now as I write this letter I have tears in my eyes.

At the urging of many different people in my town of Erie (including my Doctors), I have decided to write to tell you of my experience. The fact that this stylist obviously needs sensitivity as well as customer-service training is obvious.  Perhaps less obvious is the fact that he is neither a lawyer (see his “illegal” statements) nor is he a doctor as he clearly does not understand that psoriasis is a hereditary, non-contagious skin condition.  With all that being said, however, what does remain is my concern that if he can so callously go about hurting the feelings of a grown woman like myself how must he be treating your other customers? Every one of your customers, whether they are elderly, children, or in between, deserve respect when they enter your salon and request a service.

Needless to say, I will not be patronizing MasterCuts now, or in the future, but I truly felt this situation needed to be brought to your attention. Should you find you have any questions regarding my experience at your Mill Creek Mall salon in Erie, Pennsylvania please feel free to contact me at                            .



I must admit to great amusement when a friend told me that Mastercuts is missing a letter from their name.
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