nervous_anomaly (nervous_anomaly) wrote in bad_service,

First post, considering I just joined.

I'm seventeen, but to be quite frank, I look like a twelve year old. The only reason people guess 14 as my age, is because they've guessed while I was at work, which means I had to be at least fourteen. Also, around here, there's a little club that's geared toward kids 16+, and it serves non-alcoholic drinks.

A few new friends were taking me to said club, which I was very excited about. I don't look my age in any respect, so I understand being carded- I welcome it, actually, because it means that they're doing their jobs.

At the door, one of the bouncers carded me. Sure, no problem. I pulled out a valid state ID and handed it over, ready to take it back and head in, and the guy shakes his head. He then slips my ID into his back pocket.

"I can't let you in," he says to me. At my shocked look he continues, "This is a fake ID. You're not sixteen."


I DEMAND my ID back to show him how it actually IS valid, and how I AM over sixteen. The guy just shakes his head and crosses his arms, and lets my friends in without me. So, that means I'm stuck outside a strange club, alone- a small girl in a strange part of town, whose friends can't be bothered to answer their phones.

I had to threaten calling the cops before I finally got my ID back, and sat outside on my friend's car until they came out a little after midnight.

I have another story about trying to get into an R-rated movie with two forms of valid ID, but that's for another day.
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