Childlight (childlight) wrote in bad_service,

I never thought I would post here but I am ready to tear somebody's eyeballs out.

I work for a small but busy company and we have a Lanier color copier/print/scanner. A big fancy expensive thing that has given us nothing but trouble. We bought it from a company called Ricoh who we paid a maintenance contract to for service and repairs.

So this morning we called Ricoh because the thing jammed not matter what we tried to copy or print. Please note we had the same problem about a week ago. I myself am sitting on several projects I am unable to complete because I can not print. At 2pm we had not seen ot heard from them so I called back for an updated. They said they would page the tech to call with an update. At 3:30 I called back since I still had not heard from anyone and we close at 4pm. I told the girl my service ticket number and explained the deal. While she was reviewing the note our other line rang. I asked her if she would mind holding a moment in case this was their tech calling. She said sure. It wasn't and I rush back to her only to find I had been hung up on. I waited a few minutes then called back. Then I got the truth. They had not even issued out ticket to a repairman. Why? Because our address was wrong but one number in our zip code. Our mailing address zip ends in a 6 while our physical address zip code ends in a 7. But everything else was correct and the repairman has been out here 3 times in the last month anyway so I am sure he knows the way.

So we have an office full of pissed off people who can not get their work done and no repairman in sight and we close in 15 minutes which means we will have to start this whole thing over again on Monday.

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