Lindsey (lsmith_2003) wrote in bad_service,

My mouth, my mouth is on fire!

That's my mad Lindsey icon. Could also be on fire Lindsey.
My boyfriend's parents have us (two of their boys + girlfriend/fiancee) over for pizza once in a while. Hungry Howie's usually has a 2 for something deal, so they get 2 medium or large pizzas for the 6 of us. One ham and pineapple, one something else gross (can you tell which one is for me?). But that's just background.
The last time they invited us over, we were all waiting for his dad to get home with the pizza. All hungry, as 22-25 year olds usually are. Pizza arrives, much rejoicing and grabbing of plates and slices. As we all begin to eat our slices, we pause.
"Is that kinda spicy?"
"Yeah, really spicy, is yours?"
By this time people are chugging pop and my boyfriend is the only one still eating pizza (he loves anything spicy). His dad says "Everyone stop eating, we'll get new, this is BS." So he calls the store. We have figured out that they must have put their new "Bold & Spicy" sauce on both pizzas, which we definately did not order. The toppings are right, so it's not like we ended up with the wrong pizza.
The guy at Hungry Howies actually gave his dad attitude about it. Said "I don't know how that could have happened, we don't even have that kind of sauce in the store." This after he's been told that no one here will eat this stuff, our mouths are burning (his mom is a bit dramatic), and we'd be glad to bring back the rest of it, because it was obviously just a mistake. He did agree the remake the pizzas finally, which were MUCH better the second time around. So not horrible service, but not a pleasant experience, eating that stuff and him having to go pick it up twice.
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