Faery (iamfaeryish) wrote in bad_service,

I think I've stumbled upon my most annoying bad service yet. Getting service for something you said you did not want to begin with.

I'm the office manager at my father's plumbing shop. We are small and only advertise by word of mouth. We are busy enough with just that. We do not and never will advertise any other way. Yes, this is important. It is also important to know that I have learned to document every single call we get during the day thanks to an insurance fraud case with Consolidated Workers Association.

About a month ago, June 30th to be exact, we received a call from Maria with localinternetlisting.com. She was offering us a free trial for one month and then we would have to pay for it. I told her no thanks. She then insisted that she needed to get me to sign up. Her job was on the line. She would get fired etc. I said no thank you again and hung up.

Yesterday I while I was running errands we received another call saying that since we hadn't asked to stop our service that we would be getting a bill for $40. I called them back and had a long chat with customer service. Got them to take us off and get rid of the charges. That wasn't bad at all. Thankfully.

I had the guy look for the recorded phone call and sat on hold while a supervisor listened to it. A hugh apology and a promise that Maria would be taken care. I don't usually hope someone gets fired when mistakes happen. But this time I do. This was no mistake. This was blatantly using our business without our knowledge.

I am very thankful I am thorough with my note taking. Blueyellowbook.com tried the same thing, but I have to wait until the "discontinuation" notice comes in the mail to bitch about the $700 charge they are trying to stick us with.

Seriously, no means no. Not well go behind my back and do it anyway.
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