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Rapid City Ramkota Hotel

I am writing to express my displeasure with my recent stay at the Rapid City Best Western Ramkota. My father was stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base when I was in high school and I return frequently to visit friends. I had previously stayed at the Ramkota and was pleased with my experience. However, after my most recent experience, I will not be returning to the Ramkota and I, and the friends I was visiting, will be discouraging others from staying there.

My main complaint deals with the lack of handicapped access to the second floor. I am extremely disappointed that nowhere on the property website does it state that there is no elevator access to the second floor. I was traveling with a physically disabled individual and had I known there was no elevator, I would have requested a first-floor room.

I made reservations on-line for July 17 – July 23. When I checked in on the evening of July 17th, I was initially given room 2206. It was difficult getting my traveling companion up the stairs to the second level, but we did manage. However, when I entered the room, I could hear the water running in the air conditioning unit. That noise would have made it difficult to sleep. Therefore, I requested another room from the desk clerk, preferably on the first floor. However, no first floor rooms were available and we were moved to room 2413.

I was extremely disappointed in the conduct of the male desk clerk on duty that evening. When I pointed out to the desk clerk that the webpage should note the lack of an elevator, the response I received was that "well, the building was 60 or 70 years old." The lack of an elevator was not my point - the fact that guests were not informed of this fact was. I felt his response did not adequately address my concern. I would have been pleased with a response of “I apologize for that omission and you are correct; that is something that should be on the webpage.”

After moving to room 2413, I found the air conditioner adequate, at best. However, while the room could not get to a temperature that I was completely comfortable with, I was determined to make the best of it, especially as my traveling companion was comfortable.

I then attempted to connect to the internet from my room using the advertised “high-speed wireless.” However, I was unable to get a wireless signal and there was no data port in the room to connect to the internet using a cord. I spent over one-half hour on the phone with tech support for the wireless company, but was unable to resolve the problem. I discovered the next day that I could connect to the internet wirelessly from the public areas of the hotel. I also discovered that I could access the wireless internet in certain room corridors, but as I got close to my room, the signal disappeared, indicating that the signal was simply too weak to reach my room.

The lack of wireless internet was the final straw. Taken in conjunction with the lack of an elevator, the attitude of the desk clerk, and the poor air conditioner in my room, I decided to look for a new hotel Friday night. Due to the many events of the Black Hills that weekend, I was unable to get a hotel room until Sunday. However, Sunday morning, despite the hassle of packing everything up, I checked out of the Ramkota and moved to the Holiday Inn for the remainder of my vacation.

As indicated, I was extremely unhappy with my stay. I did not complain at the time, because by then, there was no way the situation could be resolved to my satisfaction. No rooms that met my needs were available on the first floor. All of the rooms that we could move to on the second floor were even further away from the wireless point and also did not have a data port. The simplest solution in my eyes was to change hotels.

Any suggestions? I'm sending it Monday.
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