☮ (degenerate) wrote in bad_service,


Wasn't the worst service I've had but it really annoyed me..

1. We ordered Cosmos, said we didn't need water. No big deal, you brought it anyway. We didn't care but I hope you at least heard we didn't want it to begin with...

2. Our food arrives, you ask if we want cheese and pepper. We say yes. It never comes.

3. We are almost finished eating but another waiter/busboy comes up to us and rudely asks if we're finished. We hand over our trays but we're a little offended.

4. We watch you as your go around the restaurant, all smiles, putting cheese and pepper on other customers' food.

5. It takes about 15 minutes before someone offers us a desert menu. We say we'll look at it.

6. We wait half an hour. By this time, all three of you are all over this one table who ordered fancy bottles of wine. Our entire service nobody has asked us if we needed anything, if we wanted our check, if we wanted desert, etc.

7. You come back and ask if we want the receipt. We say yes.

8. When we ask to speak to a manager you explain you're understaffed and it wasn't intentional. Trying to avoid us from speaking to your manager the entire time. I've been understaffed before at my work, everyone has. But why be so nice to other people and just ignore us?
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