Clair Brodie (clair_brodie) wrote in bad_service,
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A little Walmart suck

So I have not complained yet but this is just something that pissed me off today.
I went to walmart and got a planner thing for my boyfriend. Not sure if he was going to want it I asked the cashier to print a gift receipt for me. (Yes I know they do this, I worked there before (never again!)).
She did not know how to do this. OK, that is fine, understandable if you are new. So she asked the cashier behind her how to do it. A little bit more frustrating is that she did not know how to do it either so they asked a CSM. This took the cake. The CSM did not know how to do it. I said never mind because the guy behind me with his milk was getting huffy but damnit, train your employees. Especially since now is when they start hiring for Christmas season and that is kind of necessary for that holiday.
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