notapoet47 (notapoet47) wrote in bad_service,

Tonight I was getting gas after having gotten off work. So I was leaning against my car next to the pump, while it was filling up. About $45 worth of gas later, I felt something wet gushing all over my work pants. I look down, and it was gas. So I shut off the pump quickly, and walk over to the attendant. I tell her what happened.

Her: Oh, yeah. It's been doing that all day. We should get it fixed tomorrow.
Me: O_O. Well, that doesn't really help me. Is there any way you can at least refund me for the gas that didn't wind up in my gas tank?
Her: No. We don't give refunds.

I'm a pretty nice and sympathetic person. I usually give the people working somewhere the benefit of the doubt. I understand that it was almost closing, but she didn't even apologize or look upset. And there was no sign warning that the pump was out of order. That is something that could be very dangerous. I wish I had done more about it, even just put up a sign myself warning it was out of order, but after the day I had at work, I just wanted to go home. But that's a different story. So now my work uniform (and car) reeks of gas.
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