ashes to ashes, we all fall down. (ayiko) wrote in bad_service,
ashes to ashes, we all fall down.

Friendlys...not so much.

I just got a response from Friendlys and it reminded me of the bad service...

So about a month ago, my husband, stepdaughter and I joined some of my family on the Cape for vacation. We went out shopping, and they decided to eat at the Olive Garden. My husband isn't a fan of there, so he and I went across the street to Friendlys.

We walk in and notice the resturant was not busy AT ALL. Which is weird, we were in a busy town at the beginning on July, but whatever, gas prices and all. Anyway, there was a group of 4 in front of us waiting to be seated. Finally after about 10 minutes of waiting and watching people in the kitchen talking and not doing much, one of the people in the party in front of us went over and asked if anyone was working.

Someone comes out and seats them, and doesn't return for us. Oookay. Another 5 minutes or so pass (we're at 15 now of waiting to be seated) a girl comes out of the kitchen with her bag and jacket and sighs and says "I'm leaving but I'll seat you". We thank her and sit down.

10 more minutes or so pass without anyone coming over to us to get drink orders, and us watching other people get their food and a waitress vacuming. At this point my husband feels a drop of water hit him and we realize we are seated right under an AC unit that is dripping. We didn't want to move though, figuring if they knew we were there we didn't want to risk moving.

Fast forward another 10 minutes or so. I tell my husband I'm going to try and find somebody, and more water drips on him. He at that point is hungry and pissed and we decide to just leave. As we stand up, he notices another table covered inw ater from the AC unit. (We all love AC and all, but really don't sit people under it if it's dripping!) We also notice as we are walking out that the party in front of us did have food. For those keeping score, we were there 35 minutes with the only person who acknowledged us was the girl leaving.

I emailed Friendlys and today received a letter and a $10 gift card. Which is cool, we enjoy the one in CT, but will never go to the on in Hyannis again!!!
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