Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

Penny's Suck

Long time lurker, first time poster, etc. etc.

I've been bra shopping. I haven't bought a new bra since I had my daughter, and my shape has changed and apparently Victoria Secrets no longer accepts me as a customer (which is another suck).

J.C. Penny's is having a sale so I go to find a bra, I get measured the sales gal tells me I need a 42D or maybe a 42DD. Nothing fits, in ANY style. An hour later I haven't seen another sales person and my daughter is fussy so I leave.

Two days later I come back and get measured again. The sales person tells me I need a 44C this time. I spend 20 minutes even LOOKING for that size. And another 20 minutes trying on other sizes trying to find something that fits. Then after trying to find a sales person for 10 minutes I give up and leave.

I went back today (I was at the mall anyway and thought I'd give it one last try). I was there for half an hour and when I asked the sales clerk for help she WALKED AWAY and started talking to her co-worker about how her mom and aunt hate each other and on and on and on. I left so frustrated and upset! In what universe is it okay to walk away from a customer who is asking for help?!

I called and complained and I'm supposed to go back at 3:30 to meet the lingerie department manager who is going to help me and give me a $20 gift card. Hopefully it goes better, otherwise I'm canceling my Penny's card.

Thanks for the different shopping options, I will check them out! =D
I did go back to Penny's, and had a WONDERFUL clerk help me find a bra that fit and I liked (for the record, 42C, no wonder the 44C - 44DD weren't working eh?)
And yes, today when I went into V.S. and asked if they carried anything with a 44 inch band the sales girl looked me up and down and said "No, we don't carry anything in YOUR size. =P
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