Natalie (omgnatalie) wrote in bad_service,

Those of you in college will sympathize with this one. I think its a HUGE bad_service on the government's part.

I got married July 9th. I did my FASFA application a couple days later. If you're not familiar, the short version is its an application for government assistance so you can get grants and whatnot for school.

They asked for my 2007 taxes, income, etc. Then they asked me for my husband's income. Uhh, I wasn't married in 2007. So I didn't include it.

Fast forward to Tuesday. I got a letter from my school saying my grant would be almost THREE GRAND! I nearly passed out. That would pay for books, tuition, and help out SO much with everything. So I went into the financial aid office for my school yesterday, only to have them tell me that YES, I do have to include my brand new husband's information from when he wasn't even married to me, and that NO, since I'm no longer in poverty, I don't qualify for absolutely anything.

She told me if I'd filled out my FASFA the night before we got married, I would have gotten that money. Wow. Thanks for nothing. :/

I'm SO upset by this. Let me just say though that we are having a hard time paying for school, so this would have been an amazing help. I also understand that it was a little dumb of me to assume I'd get the money, but I wouldn't have even gotten excited if I hadn't been told by a friend of mine that worked in a financial aid office that I'd be fine for this last year because I'd be getting married in between school years.

Blah. :/ Stupid rule.
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