Ben. (fast_over_maps) wrote in bad_service,

The woes of FIT.
Something shitty happens every semester, I don't know why I expected otherwise this time.
I've been trying for weeks to get my block schedule from the school. Every time I call I'm told I need to talk to Registration to figure it out, so I'm transfered over and I get the voicemail saying to call back during office hours, which is Monday-Friday 9-5. I always call in that time frame and no one answers. I leave messages without return. I also call the illustration department but no one answers or returns my calls from there either. ok. No one fucking tells me that there is no one in the offices, although I obviously assumed that. But I don't understand why they fucking transfer me to talk to people that AREN'T IN THE FUCKING SCHOOL. So I emailed them and magically got an email in return.

I can't register for my classes and I can't see my schedule online. I
keep calling and no one knows any information. I'd like to know what I
have to do to see my schedule.
You are to get a block schedule of courses from your department, then take it to B103 so it can be registered.
Well the problem with that is that no one ever answers the phone or
returns my calls. Any suggestions?
Department chairs and faculty will return to campus August 18 at the latest.

oh, really? Thanks for fucking telling me.
The website has been telling me that I need to register before the 11TH. That's a week before the staff will even be there!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I asked about that and the lady said I actually have until the 22nd to register. ok. So that means
A) I won't be able to get ANY liberal art classes because they'll all be gone before I get a chance to pick any.
B) If I get a job, I can't tell them my availability or even guess at what my schedule will be like.
D) I don't even know how much loan money I need to take out.
E) I KNOW they are going to want me to pay tuition soon, and I won't be able to pay on time now.

I am so sick of this school.

If you're wondering why I didn't register early, it's because I was on a waiting list for the Bachelor's program and I didn't get in until a short while ago. Right when the entire staff went on vacation.

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