A world tree and the last of three (idunn) wrote in bad_service,
A world tree and the last of three

Abusive train conductor


    I'm writing in regards to the conduct of one of your conductors on your train which I boarded at Newark Penn to take to Somerville. I can't remember writing a letter like this, as whenever I've experienced poor customer service in any industry, I chalk it up to the person just having a bad day.

    However, yesterday, one of your conductors went off on the gentleman seated next to me. The gentleman in question had purchased a monthly pass for August, and the conductor not only refused to accept it, but he began to belittle this gentleman in the most condescending tone I've yet to hear outside of talking down to a five-year old, and with very imposing, threatening body language. He was saying things like, why would you think I'd accept this before the first of August? Are you trying to pull one over on me? Why should I accept this from you? It got to the point where the gentleman said, why are you speaking to me like this? He stayed polite throughout the entire thing, which was remarkable as even I was starting to feel uncomfortable as obviously was he, so I spoke up in the guy's defense. This involved a similar diatribe turned in my direction.

    The conductor proceeded to tell the gentleman that he would have to pay for another ticket, but the latter said that he didn't have any other money on him. The conductor continued to hassle this guy until he finally realized the guy really didn't have any more money on him, so he gave up trying to shake him down.

    It probably would have gone on longer had the train not suddenly broken down, which meant the conductor had to leave. I think I got the conductor's ID number correct, but in case I didn't, he was a stocky fellow in his mid to late thirties with a light beard.

    The whole experience was appalling, and quite frankly someone with such anger issues should not be working with people. It crossed the line into bullying and abuse. If you don't already have a sensitivity training program, please consider one.

Yep, abusive conductor plus the train broke down for an hour and a half, which is not unexpected from NJTransit. It's a suck on top of suck. Surprisingly, the train breaking down didn't bother me so much this time, perhaps because I'm used to it.
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