like a shooting star it fades (shewasred) wrote in bad_service,
like a shooting star it fades

Frustrating service at Arby's

I just remembered this one tonight. It contains more stupidity than really horrible awful service, because in the end, I think everything managed to turn out okay. Still, rather frustrating.

Little bit of back story: About a year and a half ago, I was on a field trip with 40 to 50 other students from my college. We go to a small private school and the college sprang for a trip to see a musical performance at the nearest university. They also sprang for dinner at Arby's beforehand.

I understand that large groups tend to overwhelm restaurants, but we were not a rowdy group at all and the restaurant wasn't busy when we came in. The cashiers were informed that all of our orders would go on the college credit card, and all seemed to be going well when we started ordering.

I was the first person in line to order, and so I was the first person to move over to the pick-up area. While I was waiting, I happened to look up at the little screen with the orders on it. That was when I realized this was going to go south, very soon. I don't know if this is just how their registers work, or if the cashier had chosen a bad way to ring things up, but the orders were ringing up so that it was impossible to tell what items belonged together. Instead, like items grouped together -- a long list of chicken tenders followed by a long list of curly fries, then a list of another item, and so on.

I watch one worker start assembling a tray in front of me, basically piling on a random amount of various items. When he started adding fries to the tray, he turned to me and asked a really dumb question.

"How many curly fries and how many regular fries are on this order?"

Keep in mind that he should have realized by this point that all 40-some of us were on one order. My response, I'll admit, was a bit rude. After staring at him in disbelief for a moment, I replied, "This is all one big order; how am I supposed to know what everyone else ordered??"

He couldn't come up with a decent response to that, so he just picked up a few more random fries and added them to the tray. By this point, the tray was stacked as full as possible. Can we guess what happens next? Just as he's walking back to the counter to deliver this tray, he drops three fries. The real kicker? Instead of setting the tray down to avoid any more spills, he goes back to add some replacement fries, and drops two more in the process.

In the end, I really don't know for certain if everyone did manage to get what they ordered, but I didn't see anyone complain. Thankfully we were all civilized and didn't fight over anything, but it was pretty difficult for all of us standing at the counter to pick and choose from different trays to find what we had ordered.

tl;dr? Arby's has a really weird way of ringing up multiple orders on one bill, one worker asks a really dumb question, and items are dropped repeatedly.
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